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Our Policy

  • The publishers of the Downs Mail are very conscious that the newspaper is delivered free through doors uninvited - and therefore must arrive as a welcome friend suitable for the whole family.
  • It must be interesting and inform readers accurately of local news and events - but not be in any way sensational or scurrilous. The publishers aim to inform and uplift our readers - and help them to enjoy the part of Kent where they live and work.
  • The Downs Mail has a voice and will comment and criticise where it feels these are necessary. But it will be fair - and present all sides.
  • Accuracy is vital. All newspapers make mistakes - but we aim to keep ours to a minimum by working very closely with our sources of information up to press day. When mistakes are made we will correct them quickly.
  • We welcome contact with and information from our readers - and treat our sources of information as confidential whenever this is necessary.
  • We always look for good news - to offset the news of crime and violence.
  • The newspaper aims to be non political. If all political parties criticise us for being politically biased we are probably achieving that aim!
  • Our journalists are asked to be accurate, bright and brief. A good newspaper is never short of news - but can accommodate more if the news is kept short!