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Colourfence MidKent Garden fencing

 If your fence has blown down because of the recent high winds, or you are worried it might - colourfence is the answer. When the British weather’s at its very worst you can put your trust in its quality. Colourfence is scientifically tested and rated to ensure that when professionally installed, it withstands wind gusts of up to 130mph. Once it’s up - it really stays up! But there’s more - this revolutionary product will never need to be painted, treated or patched up - an occasional hose down is all that’s needed to keep it in top condition. Better still, whilst the costs are in line with installing a timber system, the quality of this product is on a completely new level. In fact the Colourfence system is so durable that they guarantee† it to last at least 25 years. You need never buy another fence. Available in a full range of colours designed to suit any garden, Colourfence also comes with the option of decorative trellis. Straight talking, no-nonsense and with huge pride in their work, with Colourfence there are simply no hidden costs, or catches. If required, they will clear away your old fence before the highly skilled installation team sets to work on transforming your garden with this amazing new system. For those of us who love our gardens, Colourfence promise a lifetime of hassle-free enjoyment. A lifetime of saving and a durable fencing system that offers both excellent value and does exactly what it should. With our weather as unpredictable as ever and storms causing regular damage, it’s time to fit a fence that really is up to the job keeping your garden safe and secure.

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Company:Colourfence MidKent
Phone:01622 233322