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The Kiwi Print Company

Why now..? After 27 years in the print industry, it has finally become the right time to start up on my own and be the boss for the first time in my working life.  Having the support of my family and friends has played a major factor. 
Why Print..? well it's all I know, and outside of golf all I am good at....... 
Why Kiwi Print..? Well seven years ago a woman walked back into my life, who turned my world upside down and completed me.  With her, she brought 2 good looking men, they nicknamed me Kiwi, after a drink I had with me the first day I met them and all these years later I still am their Kiwi.  So it seemed very fitting to call the business The Kiwi Print Company, because lets face it, if I am as good as I hope I can be, it will be their legacy in the future. 
Why Use me..? Because I care about your print, I want to make a difference.  Most of all I will offer you service and standards beyond compare, at a price that is honest, fair and competitive. 
Why Not.........get in touch. 
 Thanks for taking the time to wonder Why?

Contact Details

If you have any questions about what I can do for you, then please contact me, you can give me a call or I can even drop by and visit you.
For further help please:
Call: 07525 096 601
or email: