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CrunchPoster LTD

Fixed Price Recruitment - Fill any vacancy for as little as £299!

Finding the Best Candidates
We will provide you with a list of excellent candidates to contact, interview and hire.

The Biggest Network
We work with every major job board in the UK, so if someone is looking for a job like yours, this is the best way to find them.

The Best Quality Candidates
We also scour our CV databases of 18+ million candidates to put forward the best ones for your vacancy.

No Hire Limit
Whether you hire 1 person or 30, it doesn’t matter. You’ll only pay a one off cost per job title – with no hidden charges at all.

Highly Trained Staff
You’ll deal with 1 Account Manager the whole time who will learn your business, hiring practises and vacancies inside out.

The Best Job Advert
Our professional team are trained to write adverts that the right people apply for.

You Won't Need to Lift a Finger
We’ll look after you from start to finish. From writing the job ad, advertising it and manually resourcing

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Dan Francis 

Sales Manager 

01634 757897