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IoD responds to PM's announcement on workplace guidance

Responding to the Prime Minister’s announcement on a planned change to coronavirus workplace guidance, Edwin Morgan, Director of Policy at the Institute of Directors, said:

“Many businesses will welcome the announcement that guidance on going to work is changing, and it's sensible that they have been given advance notice so that they can consult with staff and prepare workplaces.

“While we have heard from businesses who are keen to return to offices, there is also a significant amount of caution out there. Directors need to balance the risks, and won’t want to increase the possibility of closures down the line by rushing back. On top of this, not everything is in a company’s control. Childcare is an issue for many employees, and even if the guidance is changed, some staff who use public transport will still be concerned. Businesses will have to deal sensitively with these issues.

“There’s no doubt that businesses reliant on commuter custom are facing immense difficulties, and more support may be needed. At the same time, it’s not clear that the desire to return quickly to the previous ‘normal’ is there. As many as two thirds of our members say they intend to keep increased flexible working in place after lockdown ends. As the Prime Minister emphasised, employers will have to consider their own circumstances, and some of the behaviour changes from coronavirus may be long-lasting."


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