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Deaf Awareness Courses

1 in 6 of your potential customer and client base are deaf or hard of hearing. There is a serious lack of understanding of how to truly identify and communicate with the deaf and hard of hearing.

The Deaf Awareness Training Course which last for three hours, of which the framework was developed by Signature, gives you and your staff the key elements to best methods of communication.

Becoming Deaf Aware will equip your staff with the understanding and confidence to communicate correctly, providing the valuable do's and don'ts and simple communication tactics, better insights to the different levels of hearing loss and terminolgy, and clearer information to the use of hearing aids, the Cochlear implants and the effects these have on the human ear.

Becoming Deaf Aware with us helps you to meet your obligations under the Equality and Diversity Act 2010.

The benefits to staff and organisations who complete the Deaf Awareness Course includes:

  • Gain a basic knowledge of the tactics used for clear communication.
  • Have greater confidence when meeting and working with deaf people.
  • Avoid potential embarrassment and litigation.

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