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Marden Medical Centre: Walking for Ukraine

Marden Medics March to Ukraine

A team at Marden Medical Centre are raising funds to send portable anaesthesia equipment to Ukraine. The team of doctors, nurses, paramedics, dispensers, receptionists, and secretaries aims to cover 2842 miles – the distance from Marden to Kyiv and back - in four weeks. They will be joined by family and friends as they walk, run, cycle and swim to meet their target.

Their challenge is the idea of Dr Julie Morgan, who is a Trustee of the charity Safe Anaesthesia Worldwide (SAWW). The Marden based charity provides anaesthetic equipment to poor countries and in response to disasters.

Anaesthesia is essential to treat patients with life-threatening injuries. SAWW sends special portable anaesthesia machines that can be carried by hand into remote locations and used even where there is no electricity or medical gases. Bottom of Form

Dr Julie Morgan said:

“It is hard to imagine the suffering of people in Ukraine and we all want to do something to help. SAWW has already donated equipment needed to treat patients, and more will be needed as the conflict continues. By supplying a portable anaesthesia machine, we know it will save lives.”

The team’s journey started on Monday 14th March from the Medical Centre and aims to finish by April 16th. They need to raise £3,320 to purchase one anaesthesia machine and are already halfway to their target. You can support them by donating online at:

For further information please contact Carol Newman, Secretary for SAWW

Tel: 07527506969 or 07944000025

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About Safe Anaesthesia Worldwide

Worldwide 5 billion people lack access to anaesthesia and surgery. As a result, millions suffer disability or death. SAWW works to redress this huge inequality in care by supplying suitable equipment, training, and research to improve anaesthesia services in poor countries and emergency situations.



Contact Details

Dr Julie Morgan

Marden Medical Centre, Church Green, Marden, Kent. TN12 9HP