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APPEAL: Mum-of-three desperately seeking an organ donor in Maidstone

Friday 16th July 2021

A MAIDSTONE woman in need of a kidney transplant is desperately seeking an organ donor.

Shabana Belouch, a 44-year-old mother of three school-aged children, has been on a waiting list for more than a year but no match has been found.

The kidney disease was first diagnosed after she gave birth to her youngest child, now aged seven. During the COVID-19 pandemic her prognosis has progressed to end-stage renal failure.

Shabana, a qualified doctor, has been unable to practice because of her illness. She is also upset because her youngest daughter cannot hug her for fears of dislodging the dialysis catheter that she has fitted.

Her husband, Aamir Shaikh, an orthopaedic doctor, has had to reduce his working hours in order to look after his wife and the three children.

He said: “It’s been devastating to watch my wife become so ill over the last 18 months. I’ve had to cut my working hours, so I now only work part-time in order to care for my wife and be there for our children.”

Dr Shaikh added that his wife (pictured here) used to do the school runs and was always busy, but her illness now makes any of this impossible. She is tired all the time and even simple tasks like cooking or housework, is beyond her.

The average NHS waiting list for a kidney transplant is three years, but lockdowns during the pandemic has meant this is now even longer.

Shabana is blood type AB and needs a kidney with both blood type and tissue match.

Her husband volunteered but tests showed he was not a suitable match. Dr Shaikh said: “We know there are many people out there who may be able to help us. All we can do now is wait and hope.”

Contact if you can help.