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Angry backlash to uncollected bins after council binmen fail to pick up rubbish

Friday 14th May 2021

DOWNSWOOD residents have been left furious at a growing mountain of rubbish building outside their homes.

Neighbours in Gorham Drive say that the refuge team refuse to reverse down their part of the road, despite them being able to for the last 20 years.

As a result, bins had not been emptied for more than month.

HGV driver Julian Bishop (58) said neighbours were considering cutting off their council tax and renting their own skip to solve the problem.

Mr Bishop added: “Maidstone Borough Council (MBC) would be quick to come round then.”

Jaime Paice, who has lived in Gorham Drive for over 20 years, said: “We all do our bit, we would even drag it up to the end of the road for them but they are lazy and refuse.

“There was one time a neighbour with a baby in their arms chased the lorry up the road with her bins and they still did not stop and just drove away.”

Ian Parsons (47) said neighbours have reported the problem “countless times” and sometimes are on the phone with the council for hours with no call back.

Mr Parsons added: “They are lazy. Why do they have it in for us? We do our bit, and everything they do and say is contradictory.

“We pay a lot of money for these services. If this were flytipping it would be unacceptable, so why is it dealt with in the countryside but okay outside your house? We need some answers.”

MBC said it has raised the issue with Biffa and will look for a short-term solution for any delayed collections.

A spokesman said: “We are aware of access issues at Gorham Drive, which have caused some problems in the past.

“The layout of parts of the estate make it difficult to get in when cars are parked inconsiderately, narrowing the access points. This has been further exaggerated over recent months as more residents have been working from home.

“When Biffa are unable to access the road, they let us know and then reattempt, which is in accordance with their contract. If excess rubbish builds up as a result, they are required to remove this on the next scheduled visit.”