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Aylesford School pupils banned from using the toilet

Friday 17th March 2017

Parents are in uproar after claiming their children are banned from using school loos during lessons.

One pupil has been excluded from Aylesford School Sports College in Teapot Lane for ‘speaking out’ about the issue, according to social media. The school denies this.

It is believed the school took action after youngsters were smoking in the toilets and hiding to skip lessons. According to the school students do have access to toilets all the time during the school day in the Twickenham building which is the main school building. This is a very short distance from the other school buildings. 

The mum of the girl 'excluded' from school wrote: “She has been excluded! I am taking her in today and demanding that she stays, she has GCSE revision today. They really need to get their priorities in place!

“Is it also appropriate to exclude a child from school for expressing her right to use the toilet?”

Another parent wrote: “It’s a child’s human right to go to toilet when they need to do so. They should never be told daughter has just mentioned on several occasions she's been told she cannot go.”

And another parent wrote: “After discussion with my daughter this morning it would seem that there is a lack of hygiene facilities such as soap, bins are overflowing and sanitary units are not being emptied. This has been since September?

“It would seem the restrictions are also affecting staff as well as students, perhaps more consideration to all issues that are being brought to the attention of the school with regards to the toilets before making a statement?”

A further comment by a parent on the Aylesford School Facebook page said: “My twins have said all the boys toilets are locked so you can't go to the toilet. If you need to go in class time you’re denied.

“I understand that some students abuse the toilets but don't penalise everyone for the minority of poor behaviour. Apparently the disabled toilets are not locked at all. Whilst I agree with a lot of the new decisions that are being made this is definitely not one of your good ones.”

Aylesford School this morning defended their actions.

Tanya Kelvie, Interim Headteacher of Aylesford School, Sports College, said: “Toilet facilities are always available for all students, however due to the inappropriate use by a small number of students it has become necessary to restrict access to toilet facilities during lesson times to the toilets in the Twickenham building.

“During break and lunch times all toilets are available. Please be assured that at no time will a student be denied necessary access to facilities.”