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BREAKING: HGV driver wrecked property and drove off - police called but no show

Sunday 23rd February 2020

AN ILLEGAL truck caused thousands of pounds worth of damage to property in a village near Maidstone this morning before driving off.

The latest incident involving outlawed trucks breaking the lorry ban on the B2613 has renewed calls for Kent Police to start more rigorous enforcement.

It happened at the junction of the single track Forge Lane and Upper Street in Leeds at around 6am.

The Spanish registered HGV reversed his vehicle into the garden of a family home at The Abbotts missing the building by inches, destroying a picket fence and knocking over a road sign.

It appears the driver then swung his vehicle around and backed into a 400 year old wall belonging to an elderly woman.

The impact destroyed a road name sign, took out a bollard and left the remains of a tail light on the ground.

We understand one resident gave chase and another driver of a white hatchback witnessed the crime.

Despite being reported to police at 7.30am, no Kent Police officers have visited the crime scene.

Resident Tracie Carlsund (48) was startled by the sound of the lorry ploughing into her garden.

Leeds borough councillor Gill Fort said: "This is getting beyond a joke now. I am ever hopeful Kent Police will do something - but not confident.

"The property owner should not have to be worrying about her insurance paying for the damage. Police should be here and dealing with his."

Lorry Watch co-ordinator Malcolm Gallihawk said: "Police are simply not enforcing the lorry ban. As residents we are doing our bit but they are not doing theirs."

LorryWatch recently recorded 20 HGVs running along  the B2163 in a day.

Parish councillor Lesley Martin said: "Last year, the police asked us to report any criminal damage caused by illegal trucks. Here it is. It's time for them to do something."

Police admitted recently only two tickets were handed out to illegal truckers in 2019 compared to 14 in 2018.

Pictured here are: Malcolm Gallihawk (LorryWatch), Cllr Gill Fort and resident Tracie Carlsund