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BUS CHANGES: Arriva deploys extra staff when schools go back

Tuesday 11th April 2017


UNDER pressure bus company Arriva is to deploy extra staff at Maidstone station next week in case children are left stranded as a result of changes to the local timetables.

The transport giant has radically changed services on a number of key routes and parents are worried their children will not get to school on time or may be unable to get home.

Invicta Grammar School head teacher Julie Derrick is "appalled" by the changes in the middle of the school year, adding it is a "nonsense to reduce services".

And Norman Kemp of bus rival Nu Venture said the industry to "get your tin hats out" when the children return to school next Tuesday when the changes will be most keenly felt.

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Arriva claims the time table amendments "are designed to improve reliability and punctuality of services and counter delays caused by town centre congestion" and remains confident they will work.

Kevin Root of Arriva’s Maidstone depot said: “We are happy with the changes we have made to our network in the Maidstone area and pleased to see early success in delivering increased reliability and improved punctuality.

“To ensure that continues into the new school term, we will have extra staff at the station during key school travel times to ensure students make the right connections at the right time.

“We would urge parents to make sure they and their children are fully aware of any changes to their route to and from school before the first day of term, but they can be assured our staff will be on hand to help if they are needed.”