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CANON JOHN CORBYN: MPs 'cutting aid to poor while lining their nests'

Friday 11th June 2021

A LEADING churchman has launched a vitriolic attack on the Government for cutting overseas aid.

Canon John Corbyn, the vicar at the Holy Cross church in Bearsted, said it is "ironical" political figures are "lining their own nests" while slashing help to the world's poorest.

Writing in the Bearsted and Thurnham parish magazine, Canon Corbyn said that the UK once pledged 0.7% of the gross national product to overseas aid but this had been reduced by a third.

In an ill-disguised swipe at parliamentarians, he adds: "It is quite ironical (some might think tragic or wicked) that politicians should cut help to the poorest people in the world at the time whilst, quite literally, lining their own nests at public expense.

"And on top of this they apparently feel no need to account to electors and taxpayers for the necessity of spending such amounts on one of their two or more home.

"This cut has been made a time when we should be more aware than ever that we live in a world village. A virus from one part has affected the whole globe.

“Just now, our own efforts to defeat COVID-19 could be undermined if, left rampant in other parts of the world, the virus mutates in a way which defeats our current vaccines and if it arrives on our shores could take us back to square bone. A terrifying prospect.

"We can leave India and Brazil to their own devices but, in doing so, we might reap a terrible harvest.”

MP for Faversham and Mid-Kent and Government minister for health care, Helen Whately, was approached for a comment.