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CHAOS: Back roads jammed with traffic as South East Water works continue

Monday 28th September 2020

MAIDSTONE'S southern villages have been suffering another morning of rush hour chaos because of a road closure.
Single track back lanes have been jammed with traffic in both directions.
South East Water is trying to repair a serious leak on Penfold Hill on the B2163 near the entrance to Leeds Castle.
It is thought it could be out of action for several days yet.
Back roads are now the only way of getting from the A274 to the A20.
Motorists are also encountering large pieces of farm machinery being driven to various locations.
Daily Downs Mail was told of  South East Water employees being verbally abused by frustrated motorists.
One driver said: "The B2163 is not built for the immense amount of traffic it takes and now it's shut there's nowhere for it to go but the tiny roads through the villages. It is a nightmare.
"South East Water had to act to fix the problem on Penfold Hill because that pipe has been leaking for months. During icy weather, Penfold Hill could have become impassable."
Drivers are trying to use roads around Broomfield, Caring Lane, Burberry Lane, Kingswood, Langley, Chegworth, Otham and Downswood as a means to get to their destinations.
One driver was seen driving around the South East Water works by driving on the raised verge pathway. The chaos has yet again prompted calls for a Leeds Langley relief road.