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CHARITY: League donates £50k to Maidstone Hospital

Friday 19th July 2019

A life-saving piece of equipment worth £51,000 has been bought for Maidstone Hospital’s Emergency Department, thanks to the league of friends.

The charity funded the portable Sonosite X-Porte ultrasound machine, which allows doctors to scan patients for a collapsed lung and blood in the abdomen or chest, symptomatic of conditions including abdominal aortic aneurysm - a bulge in the aorta that can cause life-threatening bleeding if it bursts. In addition, it provides images that help staff place chest drains and find suitable veins to administer drugs. The X-Porte also allows doctors to take videos and photos of scans.

The hospital trust thanked Maidstone Hospital League of Friends for its generosity in providing the machine, adding: “Since arriving on ED, this wonderful piece of kit has been used every day and has made a life-changing difference to numerous patients.”