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CLARION HOUSING: Mouldy flat 'caused incurable lung disease'

Friday 14th May 2021

INCURABLE lung disease allegedly caused by the state of the accommodation he lived in, has left a fifty-three-year-old Aylesford man homeless.

Schaun Stagg, a former electronics engineer, moved into a flat owned by Clarion Housing in Aylesford High Street, 12 years ago.

Mr Stagg first complained of mould and fungus appearing in the flat in 2018 and investigations revealed a succession of leaks which had led to flooding under the floors.

Despite over 50 letters and emails to Clarion Housing over the past two years, including requests for temporary accommodation while repairs were undertaken, nothing was done to address the flooding and damp throughout the flat.

Mr Stagg claims letters from two doctors went unheeded by Clarion Homes, despite one doctor asking for priority to be given to re-housing Mr Stagg. Both doctors expressed concerns at the ‘unsuitable and unhealthy accommodation.’

When Mr Stagg suffered a severe chest infection requiring emergency hospital treatment in May 2020, both doctors considered the extensive mould in the flat a contributing factor.

Clarion Housing offered temporary accommodation in a 20-storey building in Croydon which was declined as being unsuitable due to Mr Stagg’s state of health.

With a permanently damaged lung and life-shortening health conditions, Mr Stagg left the property in August 2020.

A Clarion spokesman said: “The safety and wellbeing of our residents is always our top priority and when we were informed of a leak in Mr Stagg’s property we tried to engage with him over a number of months to carry out repair and remedial work, which would have included the removal of any mould.

“We arranged alternative temporary accommodation for Mr Stagg while this work could be completed. Unfortunately, Mr Stagg refused to take this option and did not allow access to the property for us to complete the work.

“Before Mr Stagg decided to end his tenancy, we were not made aware of any medical evidence that suggested the leak in the property had impacted his health.”

Mr Stagg said he did not deny Clarion access to his flat.