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CLOSURE: Family DIY store set to close as owners retire

Friday 14th February 2020

THE shop has been considered fixtures and fittings in Malling Road for almost 50 years but on April 4 Alan and Penny Totham, proprietors of ‘Home and Hobby’, the independent DIY store in Snodland, will close the doors for the final time.

“It’s not a commercially driven decision” said Alan, “We are both in our 60’s now and want to stop while we are healthy enough to enjoy an active retirement”.

 His father, Roy, started the business in 1973 and Alan witnessed the unsuccessful nine-year struggle to find a buyer for the shop when Roy decided to retire.

When Alan took over in 1993 his father had missed any real chance to enjoy his retirement. “I don’t want that to happen to us” he added.

 For the last two years Alan has tried marketing the business to potential buyers but although there’s been some interest, nobody has put in a firm offer.

 “I can understand it” he said. “ Nobody will be a millionaire running this business”, so after April 4 the shop, complete with three bedroom flat above, will be put on sale through a local estate agent. 

“We’re sad to see the business close because we can’t find a buyer, it’s been part and parcel of Snodland, and I hate to see local shops closing down. It would be nice if someone did buy it and kept a shop of some description here, but I can’t see it happening”. 

Community stalwarts for many years, Alan and Penny are not sure what they will do next.

Alan said “We’ll be staying around Snodland, that’s for sure. We’ve made so many friends here and are tremendously grateful for the loyalty  that locals have shown in supporting the business”.