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COUNCIL ELECTIONS: Who is standing where - full details

Friday 16th April 2021

THE battle for the contol of the borough and county councils takes place in the few short weeks leading up to May 6.

Although the continued Conservative control of Kent County Council may be in little doubt, it does throw up one intriguing skrimish in Maidstone Rural South.

De-selected serving Tory member Eric Hotson was replaced by Lottie Parfitt-Reid.

Who will emerge victor is anyone's guess as Cllr Hotson has a large and loyal personal following and a campaign manager in the experienced and astute borough member, Cllr Chris Garland.

Mrs Parfitt-Reid does have a well-oiled and organised party machine behind her.

READER POLL: WIll green issues inform the way you vote at the May 6 local elections?

The outcome of the borough council elelctions is much less clear. Nineteen seats are up and a small shift either way will see either the ruling Liberal Democrats or the opposition Conservatives take power. Labour's performance is likely to be key.

One ward is under the most scrutiny.

In East ward, independent community campaigner Kate Hammond has taken the fight directly to the Lib Dem leader of Maidstone Borough Council, Cllr Martin Cox. A Lib Dem spokesman dismissed Mrs Hammond's chances as "low level".

Whether non-party but socially liberal Mrs Hammond can win is debatable but could split the traditional left of centre vote.

John Randall (Labour), Diana Lewins (Liberal Democrat, Steve Cheeseman (Green Party), Stanley Forecast (Conservative)
Barming and Teston
Dhaneswar Luchman (Lab), Kimmy Milham (GP), Andy Catley (Con), Fay Gooch (Ind)
Jim Grogan (Lab), Dennis Spooner (Con) Ciaran Oliver (GP)
Boughton Monchelsea & Chart Sutton       
Rob Millar (Lab), Caroline Jessel (GP), Karen Chappell-Tay (Con), Steve Munford (Ind)
Marsha Todd (Lab), Mike Thompson (LD), Ian McDonald (GP), Heidi Bryant (Con)
Ben Webster-Whiting (LD), Tom Cannon (Con), Donna Greenan (GP)
Coxheath & Hunton 
Simon Webb (Con), Claire Kehily (GP), Peter Lewis (LD)
Stella Marlyn Randall (Lab), Martin Cox (LD), Jim Shalice (GP), Harprit Singh Dogra (Con), Kate Hammond (Ind)
Patrick Coates (Lab), Chris Turner (GP), Mitu Chowdhury (Con)
Sarah Barwick (Lab) Susie Parr (GP) Martin Richards (LD), Ziggy Trzebinski (Con), Twiz Stripp (Reform UK)
Joanna Burns (Lab), Bryan Vizzard (LD), Stephen Thompson (GP), Peter Holmes (Con)
High Street                              
Richard Coates (Lab), Denise Joy (LD), Gemma Battrum (GP), Sanjiv Brajkishore (Con)
Marden and Yalding               
Claudine Russell (Con), Natallie Allen (Lab), Stephen Goffredi (LD), Mike Summersgill (GP), Justin Randall (Reform UK)
David Reay (Lab), Michelle Hastie (LD), Derek Eagle (GP), Scott Hahnefeld (Con)
North Downs                            
Theresa Lyons (Lab) Stuart Jeffery (GP) Patrik Garten (Con) Zeina Toric-Azad (LD)
Park Wood                            
Dan Wilkinson (Lab), Andrew Cockersole (LD), Lewis McKenna (Con)
Shepway North                            
Lesley McKay (Lab) Josef Higson (LD) Stephen Muggeridge (GP), Paul Cooper (Con), Gary Butler (Ind)
Shepway South                           
Maureen Cleator (Lab), Tay Arnold (LD), Gary Cooke (Con), Eddie Powell (Maid Ind), Lawrence Rustem (For Britain M’ment)
Kim Roberts (Lab), Paul Wilby (LD), Simon Millham (GP), Will Dinley (Con)

Maidstone Central
Patrick Coates and Paul Harper (Labour); Dan Daley (Liberal Democrat) and Chris Passmore (LD); Donna Greenan and Stuart Jeffery (Green Party); Tom Cannon and John Perry (Conservative);
Maidstone North East
John Randall (Lab); Ian Chittenden (LD); Kimmy Milham (GP); Scott Hahnefeld (Con) 
Maidstone Rural East
Marlyn Randall (Labour); Hannah Perkin (LD); Susie Parr (GP); Shellina Prendergast (Con)
Maidstone Rural North
Jo Burns (Lab); Sam Burrows (LD); Ian McDonald (GP); Paul Carter (Con).
Maidstone Rural South 
Rob Millar (Labour); Steve Cheeseman (GP); Lottie Parfitt-Reid (Cons); Eric Hotson (Ind)
Maidstone Rural West 
Richard Coates (Lab); Ashleigh Kimmance (LD); Mike Summersgill (Green); Simon Webb (Cons)
Maidstone South 
Kim Roberts (Lab); Brian Clark (LD); Steve Muggeridge (GP); Paul Cooper (Con)
Maidstone South East 
Dan Wilkinson (Lab); David Naghi (LD); Gary Cooke (Con)