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COURT: Budding politician faked his death to harass woman PC

Wednesday 25th August 2021

A FORMER Liberal Democrat election candidate faces prison for a year-long harassment campaign against a female police constable – which included faking his own death.

Tim Mumford, 33, will be sentenced later after pleading guilty to a single charge of harassing PC Sophie Lowther without violence between February 2020 and February 2021.

The florist sent abusive and suicidal texts and emails to the police officer thirteen times.

He was under investigation over assaulting an emergency worker at the time of the offence, for which he was later conditionally discharged.

At one stage, he sent a bizarre message claiming to be from his husband which said Mumford had died.

Prosecuting Lewis Aldous told Maidstone magistrates court: “PC Lowther was working on a case where the defendant was the suspect.

“She soon received a text which read ‘It’s Tim Mumford’ which was later followed up with ‘if I haven’t committed suicide by then’.”

The police officer did not reply.

On June 14, Mumford, of Oxford Gardens, Maidstone, sent a text saying: “I plan to commit suicide before the court date. I’ve planned where and how I am going to do it.”

PC Lowther replied with a list of contact details for mental health organisations.

On July 22, she received a message from a new email address under Classic Flowers - this time purportedly from Mumford’s husband.

The email said Mumford had committed suicide. The message contained details for the funeral and how he suffered from bipolar, police harassment and false allegations.

Mr Aldous said: “This caused PC Lowther extreme distress, and the email also contained a funeral notice.”

The court heard it was soon discovered Mr Mumford had not died and was instructed not to contact PC Lowther directly again.

In February this year, Mumford sent an email to PC Lowther which read: “This time a year ago you made my life hell. Now the laugh is on you. My partner died two months ago and my mum died before Christmas."

The court heard this was not true and both were alive and well.

He previously flirted with a career in local politics and was selected by the Liberal Democrats as a "paper candidate" in May's borough council elections for the Bearsted ward.

Up against Conservative Denis Spooner, he had virtually no chance of winning.

Mumford was handed a community order back in 2006 for harassment and for wasting police time in 2013.

He pleaded guilty to harassment without violence at Maidstone magistrates court on August 6.