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COURT: Jordan Lindo, 25, screamed foul abuse at shop staff in Maidstone

Friday 21st June 2019

A MAIDSTONE man unleashed a torrent of abuse towards staff members at a local convenience store after being asked to leave, a court heard.

Mr Jordan Lindo (25,) of Quarry Road, was in the Premier store in Courtenay Road when he became verbally aggressive in front of young children in the store.

Prosecuting, Debbie Jones told Maidstone Magistrates Court: “During the afternoon on May 20, Lindo refused to leave a Premier convenience store in Courtenay Road when asked to leave. He became aggressive and started swearing at staff members.

“The defendant was heard shouting an offensive remark at a staff member saying ‘speak ******* English’. Young children were present at the store and witnessed the incident. A small bag of cannabis was also found on him.”

Defending, Hugh Roberts said: “Mr Lindo is a single man, he acknowledged during police interviews a wrong doing in the situation. He was found with a small amount of cannabis on him for his own personal use.”

The court was told he has previous drug convictions and has served time in prison.

Chairman of the bench, Mike Bean said: “It seems like you need to start behaving like a sensible citizen doesn’t it Mr Lindo? Can I ask how old you are?”

Lindo replied: “I’m 25. I’ve been going in and out of prison for about five years. Little things just set me off.”

Mr Bean said: “You are a young man and it’s time to get straight now. I’m sure you don’t want to be going in and out of prison your whole life, do you? Because you have only just got out of prison, we are going to give you two concurrent sentences for both charges of using threatening behaviour and the possession of cannabis.

“You will receive a 12 month conditional discharge, meaning no further action will be taken. However, if you come to court again Mr Lindo, you will be in serious trouble.”

Lindo pleaded guilty to both charges and was ordered to serve a 12 month conditional discharge and pay a £105 fine.