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Cancelled prom to be organised by parents after official event was called off

Tuesday 14th May 2019

PARENTS and students who were told their prom was cancelled because of a series of pranks of the last day have pledged together to plan their own event.

Pupils at Maidstone Grammar School for Girls were told on Friday that their Year 11 prom had been cancelled due to dangerous behaviour on the last day before exams. 

A group on social media have come together to organise their own prom after the head teacher Deborah Stanley cancelled the students' night as a punishment, sparking a backlash from parents. 

The last full day of school before exams is often marked by a "muck up" of pranks and fun - but Mrs Stanley felt they went too far. 

So far, almost 150 are involved in the new prom commitee but organisers remain hopeful that the official prom may still go ahead.