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Drunken Lenham decorator John Waghorn, 55, beat policeman during festive arrest

Friday 8th February 2019

A DRUNKEN decorator has sworn to give up the demon drink after a row with his wife ended in the assault of two police officers, a court heard.

John Alan Waghorn (55,) of Lenham Heath, appeared at Maidstone Magistrates Court on two counts of assaulting a constable.

Defending Andrew Main, told the court Waghorn had been on a path to sobriety up until the run up to Christmas, where he and his wife decided to have a few drinks around the festive season.

On December 29, Waghorn and his wife got drunk and had an argument, which resulted in Waghorn continuing the booze binge by himself alone.

PC Healy and PC Hanley arrived at the front door, insisting that either Waghorn leaves the premises or his wife does.

Waghorn left, still drinking, and asked for a lift to his sister’s house in which he would spend the night to sober up.

Prosecuting James Nichols told the court Waghorn had turned violent and screamed a torrent of abuse at the two officers, shouting “go away” and “arrest me, f****** do it.”

He then proceeded to punch both officers in the chest on the stairwell, and “drew his right arm up and swung it into Healy’s right cheek.”

Waghorn was previously given a community order and unpaid work for a domestic offence back in November 2017.

The court heard that once this order finished, and as Christmas approached, Waghorn felt he was able to consume alcohol.

Mr Main told the court: “Mr Waghorn is very remorseful of his actions, he describes the night as like watching a movie about someone else, because he cannot picture himself doing these actions.

“Him and alcohol just do not mix, and gets him into a great deal of difficulty.

“There was no premeditation involved, as there was no thinking going on at all.”

Waghorn is a self-employed painter and decorator, and has sworn to give up alcohol once again.

Chairman of the bench, Jean Sanderson said: “We’ve heard about your circumstances, you obviously do have a problem with alcohol, and you don’t seem to remember what happened which is common.

“I am glad you’ve stopped drinking and can now move forward.”

Waghorn was given a fine of £169 for each of the two assaults.