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EXCLUSIVE: Heavy rain brings flood nightmare to residents near new homes project

Wednesday 25th May 2022

HERE are the shocking images captured yesterday during heavy rain when muddy water flowed off a controversial building project near Maidstone.

Residents blame Bellway Homes' 421 unit development of land at Church Road for the torrent flowing into The Beams.

The Bellway proposal was rejected three times by elected members at Maidstone Borough Council and faced fierce local opposition. Bellway succeeded on appeal.

David Hatcher of the pressure group Chapman Avenue Residents' Association (CARA) said: "We forecast this was problem at the appeal hearing as a result of tampering with the natural drainage of the site.

"Residents are concerned at what other unseen problems are now occurring along the scarp of the edge of the site that drains into back gardens of Chapman Avenue and The Beams."

One resident expressed concerns insurance companies will refuse to cover homes liable to frequent flooding.

The images were captured on May 24 during prolonged and sometimes heavy rain across Maidstone.

Bellway Homes said: "Bellway is aware of the flash flooding occurring adjacent to the development, which was caused by heavy rainfall. Our engineers are looking into the matter.”