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FOOTBALL: Fans to tell story of Maidstone United FC

Saturday 5th April 2014

KENT History and Library Centre and Maidstone United have appointed a photographer and writer for The Rise of Maidstone United, which explores the history of the town’s football club, as retold by their supporters.

Writer Steve Tasane is a published author, poet and writer. He has a three-book deal writing young adult fiction for Walker Books. He said: “Football has its own unique language, and every fan is a natural storyteller. The ups and downs of the club are a natural framework for the story of Maidstone.” 
Documentary photographer Malcolm Glover has also been appointed. Malcolm has previously worked for Brighton and Hove Albion Football Club. He said the work would be “a vibrant, exciting set of images capturing the passion of the supporters of Maidstone United Football Club.”
Steve and Malcolm, pictured, will work with the club and KCC’s Kent History and Library Centre until October 2014, and their work will result in an exhibition and book launch in November 2014.