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Fines QUADRUPLED for lorries parked illegally by roadside

Friday 12th January 2018


ILLEGALLY parked lorries targeted in a pilot scheme in Ashford have had fines almost quadrupled after an intervention by MP Helen Whately.

Mrs Whately, member for Faversham and Mid Kent, wrote to the minister Jesse Norman on December 14 complaining it costs £150 to clamp a lorry but the council is only allowed to charge a £40 fee.

The minister has now agreed to allow Ashford Borough Council to charge £150 fines while it is trialling clamping lorries.

Mrs Whately said: "Fly-parking in lay-bys is dangerous and horrible for lorry drivers. So I’m pleased that the Government has listened and increased fines for illegally parked lorries. This will mean that the local council is no longer being left out-of-pocket for clamping more lorries.

"Along with tougher rules we need more lorry parking spaces. I understand a number of commercial lorry parks in Kent are looking to expand and the Government is working on whether a permanent solution to Operation Stack can also be used to tackle fly-parking."

Ukip councillor Eddie Powell - a fierce critic of lorries using the roadsides as free parking - wants the scheme rolled out to Maidstone "without delay".

Illegally parked lorries cause disruption, noise, unwanted litter and human waste where it occurs.