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GUILTY: Violent bully David Brown faces jail for assault and coercive control

Friday 21st February 2020

VIOLENT bully David Brown tonight faces prison for subjecting his ex-partner to a terrifying regime of coercive behaviour and assault.
Brown, a cleaner, will be sent to Maidstone Crown Court where he could be jailed for a year, be subject to a restraining order and pay substantial costs.
His victim, Amy Jones (28), told Downs Mail this evening: "That's not just made my day- it's made my life."
Medway Magistrates Court heard he had thrown a blanket over Miss Jones' head, pinned her to the sofa until she passed out. She suffered a swollen eye and injuries to her neck. 
It was alleged that earlier that evening, Brown took the victim’s memory box to her stillborn child and poured petrol over it and burnt it in a fire pit in the garden. Brown was acquitted of criminal damage.
The victim, who now lives in another part of the country, described nearly six years of abuse from Brown, who dictated how how she should dress and who she was allowed to see.
The court heard the victim was forbidden to visit her friends, had to wear dowdy jeans and hoodies, and was only allowed to see her mother for two hours on a Saturday.
Prosecuting, Paul Roach told Brown he was “gaslighting” his victim, making her feel “mad” despite her not having any signs of mental illness.
Brown (28) of Owletts Close, Shepway, was convicted for assault and engaging in controlling and coercive behaviour after a two-day trial. 
Miss Jones said of the verdict: "That is brilliant news - that's not just made my day, it's made my life. Now me and my children can get on and live the rest of our lives.
"I am glad now that the world can see him for what he is. I cannot tell you the massive relief I feel now that he is shown for the person he really is.
"He wasn't just violent, he was mentally abusive throughout the whole time I was with him. When we had a child together, that's pretty much when it started. It's been hell these past few months with people slagging me off on Facebook and calling me all sorts.
"But Facebook isn't real life; it's not Jeremy Kyle. This is real life and now he's got to pay the price for what he did to me and my children."
The court was read text messages from Mr Brown to Miss Jones, which read: “I haven’t touched you in over a year” referring to a time where Mr Brown allegedly “restrained” the victim when she kept “beating on him.”
Mr Brown claimed he was incapable of violence because any slight “slip” would cause him to require hospital attention as he suffers from locked legs. He said allegations of assault were “a pack of lies”.
Mr Brown also told the court he was 22 stone at the time of the alleged assault.
He told the court he had taken the victim and their children on holidays to Skegness, Butlins and amusement centres.