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Golding Homes boss Steph Goad does her bit for homeless charities

Friday 13th May 2022

SOCIAL housing provider Golding Homes' new chief executive Steph Goad has taken part in a project to draw attention to homelessness.

She attended the "CEO Sleepout" on May 12 at Leeds Castle with the aim of raising £30,000 for charities Porchlight and the Street Soccer Foundation.

Steph has already raised £1,200.

She said: “We know in the current climate people are finding it tough. The number of homeless people in Kent and those at risk from homelessness is rising and we all need to do our bit to change the situation. Last night, in Kent over 1,000 people were sleeping on the streets.

“I’ve worked with Porchlight for five years and their focus is on making lasting change, working with people on the issues that led them to become homeless.

“I hope the sleepout event will help with both awareness and fundraising. One night out in the open with just a sleeping bag was hard, but I have a hot shower and food to come home to. For too many people that’s not an option.”

Jo Dawes, Director of Fundraising and Communications at Porchlight, said: “We’re thrilled to be benefitting from Kent’s first CEO Sleepout event."

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