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Green Party anger at 'racist' imposter in Maidstone

Friday 28th October 2016

The Green Party in Maidstone has asked retailers to be vigilant after a man claiming to represent the organisation distributed posters with the message "Buy British".

He also allegedly abused a shop keeper in Maidstone.

The Green say Kent Police have been informed.

A statement said: "Maidstone Greens are asking  for shopkeepers to be vigilant for a man claiming to be from the Green Party who is homemade distributing posters with calling for people 'Buy British'. The posters have 'The Green Party' printed at the bottom.

"The person distributing these has been racially abusive to at least one shop owner and Kent Police are now involved. Local Greens are asking shop keepers to inform Kent Police if they have had similar approaches."

Matt White, Chair of Maidstone Green Party: "We were shocked to learn both that someone claiming to be from the party is distributing homemade posters and has been racially abusive toward at least one shop owner.

"We have found a number of these posters in the town and we are keen that shop owners let Kent Police know if they have had similar problems.

"We are known as the party that fights racism and we severely condemn the use of racist language. We wish it to be known that this individual has absolutely no connection with The Green Party whatsoever."