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HOUSING: Golding Homes regains top grading from regulator

Wednesday 30th March 2022

THE biggest social housing provider in the borough is celebrating an upgrade in its governance rating.

Two years ago, Golding Homes was reduced from a G2 to a G1 over serious breaches in housing standards.

New appointed chief executive Stephanie Goad said the Regulator of Social Housing's announcement that Golding would return to the higher grade was the result of "hard work".

She said: “We’ve used the difficult situation we encountered two years ago as a catalyst to deliver change at pace.

"We’re pleased that after a rigorous assessment the Regulator has returned Golding Homes to G1, the top rating for governance.

"This is a result of the hard work by everyone at Golding over the last two years and a determination to make certain that customer safety always remains our top priority.

“Golding will continue to focus on improving services for customers and engaging with them to learn how we can work towards delivering our vision of outstanding services, great homes and proud communities.”

In 2020 the RSH "identified that there were significant weaknesses in Golding Homes’ internal controls assurance and compliance framework".

Since then, systems and controls have improved and the management has been refreshed, says the RSH report.

Golding Homes Chair Chris Cheeseman commented: “We never want to go back to where we found ourselves two years ago - but we’ve embraced this challenge as an opportunity to deliver change at pace.

"We’re not complacent, but confident that we have strong foundations in place to build and successfully deliver our future ambitions for Golding Homes and its customers.”

Golding Homes owns and manages over 8,000 homes in Kent with 21,500 residents and tenants.