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Helen leads roller girls to victory

Tuesday 25th August 2015

BOXLEY blocker Helen Craske (pictured centre) helped Kent Roller Girls claim a vital 241-point victory over the Lincolnshire Bombers at the weekend.

Saturday’s 306-65 score came in their final game at the British roller derby championships in Cambridge.

Helen, who has been skating for three years, put on a first-class display of agility to stop the northern side from scoring, earning her a place among the top 10 blockers of the tournament, which has been running since February.

It was a critical game for Kent’s first competitive derby team, who went into the day facing potential relegation.

However, by pulling off a barnstorming victory, the point differential meant they leapt over Milton Keynes and Oxford in the rankings to take the third place trophy for the Eastern Division 3.

Helen said: “It was a truly outstanding effort from those on track and I’m proud of the commitment shown by the team, and the overall result. I’d also like to thank our dedicated crew of non-skating officials and referees who volunteer each week and support our skaters.”

Roller Derby is played on old-style quad skates. Each team of 14 sends five players on at a time for periods of two minutes, comprising a jammer to score points and four blockers, who play offense and defence by hitting others with their shoulders or hips in a high-powered display of strength and strategy.

Kent Roller Girls not only play but run the league themselves, from designing promotional T-shirts, to fundraising and teaching.

If you are over 18 and want to try roller derby or to learn more about the sport, visit Kent Roller Girls on Facebook.