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Iggy back on show at museum

Tuesday 1st July 2014

IGGY – the cast of an ancient iguanodon found in Maidstone – has gone back on display at Maidstone Museum.

The cast has not been on show to the public for more than 10 years, but forms a fascinating part of the county town’s history.

A fossil bone was uncovered during the excavation of a quarry in the Queen’s Road area in 1834 which seemed to have come from an enormous animal.

Further enquiries by the quarry owner Mr W H Bensted revealed the bone was one piece of a partial skeleton – that of an iguanodon.

The find was internationally significant as it helped archaeologists work out how the bones of an iguanodon fitted together. It also made its way onto the coat of arms of Maidstone.

The cast now on display in the Kent Earth Heritage Gallery at Maidstone Museum shows how the bones were arranged when they were discovered.

The Museum’s Interpretation Manager, Amy Adams, said: “It is so fantastic to finally have ‘Iggy’ back on display at the museum. His story is so significant to the history of Maidstone and the history of palaeontology that it just had to be included in the displays at Maidstone Museum.”