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Invicta Grammar denies it 'pulled A Level students from exams'

Thursday 16th May 2019

INVICTA Grammar School bosses have denied a parent's claims A level student were taken from exams to be told their school days were at an end.

One father says he is to file a complaint with the authorities as the decision may affect the final results.

He claims art and photography tests were interrupted to attend an assemly where year 13s were told their leaving day was being brought forward by 24 hours.

Students believe it was because the school was afraid of "muck up" pranks by pupils on their last day of term proper before the exams.



The parent, who asked not to be named, claims pupils were in the last stages of 15 hour practicals when they were invited to attend a celebratory assembly.

Students were reportedly in tears at the news their leaving day was to be brought foward, despite head teacher Julie Derrick's later claim they cried for "joy".

He said: "This was the last day of three so they had to complete the work on Wednesday, no matter what. A lot of these people were very upset and had to go back and try and finish an A level afterwards.

"It is totally unfair and I have every intention of contacting the exam boards to complain about the way Invicta has handled this. I am not happy, not happy at all."

The father claims the pupils were unable to take break after the assembly before returning to the exam rooms.

A school spokesman said: "Photography and Art students attended our celebratory assembly in a standard break during their examination. All students going back into examinations following the assembly were checked by staff, and were calm and well. 

"At Invicta Grammar School, it is our priority to ensure our students are happy, supported and well-looked after, at all times."

A statement issued yesterday by Mrs Derrick said: ""Students were informed at this assembly that from tomorrow (16 May) onwards, study leave will commence to allow them as much time as possible for personal study to prepare for their A-Level exams, many of which have already started.

“This news was received well by all year 13 students, who participated in the assembly with enthusiasm and positivity, and then enjoyed a celebratory ice cream with their friends, courtesy of the school.

“The only tears we saw, were ones of happiness and emotion at coming to the end of their school journey.  We wish them all the very best for their exams and in the future, and we look forward to seeing them imminently for revision sessions that are planned over the coming days.”

Many students believe that the decison was taken to avoid the pranks which cause Maidstone Girls Grammar School to cancel its end of year prom.