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JAILED: Man urinated on, headbutted and attacked police and hospital staff

Thursday 20th May 2021

A MAN who violently attacked three police officers and abused hospital staff has been jailed.

Darren Selwood (37) of Clive House, Royal British Legion Village, Aylesford, hit his head so hard that blood sprayed over the side of a van.

He also urinated over an officer and headbutted another one twice.

An ambulance was called and the victim was conveyed to a local hospital for urgent medical attention.

A Kent Police spokesman said: “Once at hospital Selwood attempted to headbutt a constable who was supervising him and then spat in the eye of another.

“A doctor who arrived to treat Selwood was also subjected to a torrent of racial abuse.”

He was later charged with three assaults on emergency workers, a racially aggravated public order offence and using threatening or abusive words or behaviour.

Selwood appeared before Medway Magistrates’ Court where he pleaded guilty and was sentenced to one year and twenty-five weeks in prison.

This included the activation of a suspended sentence relating to similar offences.

District Commander for Tonbridge and Malling, Chief Inspector Omid Changizi, said: “Our officers work tirelessly to protect the public from harm and should be able to go about their duties without being assaulted, spat on and sprayed with blood and urine.

“Similarly, hardworking medical staff should be confident to tend the injured and vulnerable without being subjected to racist abuse and threats.

“The person arrested on this occasion has shown himself to be a violent and odious individual and I am pleased that within two days of being detained he is starting a prison sentence.”