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JAILED: Violent thug bit police officer so hard it left marks on his face

Friday 16th July 2021

A VIOLENT Maidstone man who bit a police officer so hard it left marks on his face has been sent to prison.

A constable on patrol tried to stop David Hilden, 22, and Robbie Booth, 23, after being notified a grey BMW had failed to stop for another police vehicle.

The officer located the abandoned car in Woodside Road and, after watching it for a short time, observed Booth walking up to it and sitting in the driver’s seat.

He approached the vehicle on foot and opened the driver’s door to detain Booth. As he tried to place handcuffs on him, Hilden approached from behind and punched his face.

Hilden, assisted by Booth, continued to violently assault the officer who suffered facial injuries caused by bites.

Booth reached under the car seat and retrieved a black package before running away from the scene.

A second officer saw the two men walking across a nearby field and caught up with Booth as he was helping Hilden over a fence.

Hilden was later detained by another patrol a short distance away.

A police dog tracked the route Hilden and Booth had taken and found a jacket discarded along with a black case containing cannabis.

The injured officer was taken to hospital for treatment to facial lacerations and bruising.

Hilden and Booth, both of no fixed address, were remanded in custody and pleaded guilty at Maidstone Crown Court to ABH and possession of cannabis.

Hilden was sentenced to 21 months’ in prison and Booth received a one year prison sentenced suspended for 18 months.

He will also have to complete 100 hours of unpaid work and pay a £700 fine.

Deputy Area Commander, Superintendent Jon Kirby, said: “This was a brutal and cowardly assault on an officer by two men who thought they could avoid being arrested.

“However, they were swiftly tracked down by patrols responding to assist their injured colleague, who I am pleased to say is back at work serving the public.”