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JULIA JAMES: Candles to be lit in memory of PCSO

Tuesday 4th May 2021

CANDLES will be lit on doorsteps this evening in memory of PCSO Julia James.

Mrs James, 53, was found dead next to Akholt Wood, just yards from her home in Snowdown, last Tuesday, sparking a major murder investigation.

Mrs James' daughter, Bethan Coles, is now inviting people to light candles at 7pm tonight.

Mrs Coles wrote: "A number of people have asked about holding a vigil for Mum, and whilst I am so grateful for people wanting to remember her, I am very conscious that any gathering would need to be policed (if it was even allowed).

"I’ve discussed this with my family and we are in agreement that we would prefer all police resources to be concentrating on the investigation as there is so much work to be done.

"I’ve been thinking perhaps we could ask those who wish to remember Mum to light a candle for her and leave it on their doorstep.