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Kent Test 2016: When do test results come out and what happens next?

Thursday 8th September 2016

More than 10,000 Year 6 pupils sat the Kent Test today, hoping to win a place at one of the county’s grammar schools. With only around 5,000 places available, many will be disappointed.

The results for the 2016 Kent Test will be sent out on October 13. Parents who have registered online will receive their results first – after 4pm.

The results will be available online after 5pm when parents and pupils will be able to view their own results and scores.

Results will be sent out by first-class post on October 13 and will be available from the pupil’s primary school on October 14.

Test results will not be given out over the phone.

What does your child’s score mean?

When results are released they will contain three scores – one for English, one for maths and one for reasoning.

The scores are standardised to compare each child’s performance with the average performance of other children who took the test. There is a small adjustment made so youngest children are not disadvantaged.

Last year the total score needed for a child to get a grammar school place was 320. The score ranges for 2016 will be published later this year.

What happens if my child does not pass the Kent Test?

While KCC does not allow appeals against Kent Test results, if a pupil does not reach the required score it is possible that their primary school will refer the case to the local Head Teacher Assessment panel where written work and information about achievement in school and course work is considered.

Applications for Year 7 secondary school places are now open – they opened on September 1. Applications close on October 31. Up to four schools can be listed.

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