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LATEST: 'Hundreds of jobs' at Woodcut estate

Thursday 10th June 2021

THIS is how Woodcut Farm industrial estate will look when it is completed under the name LOC8.

The developers Clearbell Property Partners released this computerised image of the site, located off near junction 8 on the M20, near Leeds Castle.

The Woodcut Farm proposal, a central plank in getting the Local Plan through in 2017, was met with fierce local resistance but outline permission was granted in 2018.

It is hope that the new facility, with its easy links to other part of Kent via the motorway, will generate hundreds of new jobs.

Concerns from council critics about the site, where exploratory work has already started, have largely been allayed.

The scheme, near junction eight of the M20, is designed to attract hundreds of jobs to the site when it is finished.

Outline planning permission for the development was granted in 2018 and a revised masterplan prepared by the applicant, Maidstone Investment Holding Limited (MIHL), was then approved by Maidstone Borough Council (MBC) earlier this year.

LOC8 stands for "Logistics, Office, and Commerce at Junction 8".

A statement said: "The Kent economy is well geared towards logistics and manufacturing operations, with a significant proportion of the local population employed in connected trades.

"With around 792,500 people economically active in Kent, LOC8 offers access to excellent local talent to help businesses grow."

Clearbell Capital spokesman Dominic Moore said: "We are elighted to be launching LOC8. Given its prime location in the heart of Kent, with great transport links and access to a large skilled labour pool, LOC8 will provide an ideal location for businesses and industry to attract the right talent and access global markets.

"We have already had a range of enquiries for space on the site and look forward to welcoming more businesses and creating many new jobs when we open in summer next year.”