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LATEST: Water use rockets in Kent

Friday 29th May 2020

HOT temperatures and dry weather this month saw water use soar in Kent.

South East Water says it pumped an extra 140 million litres of water into the water network on Bank Holiday Monday to keep up with demand.

The amount of water used was around a third more than usual at this time of year.

The company warned people are using water at a much faster rate than it can pump it and to be more water aware in lockdown.

David Hinton, Chief Executive Officer from South East Water, said: “We understand that the world we now live in is very different to before and although we make very sophisticated plans covering the next 60 years of water use, as with everyone else, we could never have predicted this unprecedented situation which COVID-19 has brought about.

“The exceptional demand being placed on the water system, with everyone spending more time at home and particularly in the garden, combined with the hot weather is making our water network and teams work harder than ever.

“The water is available in our boreholes and key reservoirs, the problem we are facing is that at times people are using water at a faster rate than we can pump it from our sources to customers’ taps.

“Our key worker teams worked tirelessly over the weekend and will continue to work around the clock to look after the water network, to ensure there is enough water to go around throughout the day, but we are asking everyone to help them by taking two simple steps to be water aware – let your lawns go brown, and be proud of your dirty car.

“These two easy actions will help make sure there is enough water for our communities, while fighting the virus.”

Stephanie Hurry, from Waterwise, said: “It is surprisingly easy to use water wisely and still have a blooming garden. Water your new plants and beds, carefully at the roots. Be proud of your brown lawns and dirty cars, you can wear them like a badge that you are doing your bit for your community in the fight against the virus.”