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MAIDSTONE: Brothers keep sporting ambition in the family

Friday 15th October 2021

TWO bothers from Maidstone are the living proof that a sporty gene runs in the family.

Both huge successes in their own fields are weightlifter Tayla (15) and racing car driver Loui (16) Hounsell from Grove Green.

Mid Kent College student Loui is on his way to win the rookie title in the Junior Saloon Car Championships, despite not being old enough to drive on the roads.

The former Valley Park pupil is currently 47 points ahead of his 25 competitors, some with years more experience than him. He has just three rounds left of the season.

Loui said: “My mum and dad are both petrolheads so that’s where I get it from.

“The ultimate dream would be to race professionally as a job. But I would also like to instruct on the side. I think that would be a pretty good career path.”

The Formula One fan said he had always grown up watching Top Gear and developed a passion for racing at a very young age.

Brother and weightlifting record holder Tayla is also on track to attend the British Championships in November.

The Valley Park student currently holds the British record for the Under 15’s 55kg weigh category clean and jerk record which is 79kg.

Tayla said: “The ultimate goal is to compete at the Vegas Olympics in 2028.”

Nan Les Waldren said: “I am very proud of them both. Tayla trains five days a week and there’s never any sense of dread about getting up and training. They both just work really hard and there is no rivalry or competition between them.

“Tayla will go to Loui’s races and Loui will sit at Tayla’s competitions. They are both so dedicated and we are all so pleased for them both.”