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MAIDSTONE SINKHOLE: House builder says land is not for homes

Wednesday 28th October 2020

THE housebuilder which owns the land where the latest sinkhole in Barming has appeared said it is not earmarked for homes.
The patch of land where a large crater opened up this week just yards from existing houses is set aside as an open space, says Bovis Homes.
A spokesman said: "This is to remain open space, with nothing to be built on top and the area was due to be fenced off anyway due to the nearby pond."
A promient councillor cautioned people not to connect sinkholes and over-development.
Cllr Fay Gooch, the deputy leader of Maidstone Borough Council, said: "I do understand why locals are blaming sink holes on over-development. 
"It makes you think, but it is not a proven fact, bearing in mind the geology of the area across this part of Kent is made up of layers of limestone, sandstone and hassock, which can cause the ground to be unstable and sink holes to appear."
She counselled developers to invest in the technology to establish where the ground is weakest before building.

A month ago, a large sinkhole appeared on South East Water land close to the latest void.

In 2018, the Tonbridge Road was shut for months while a massive collapse was fixed.