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MOTE RD TOWER BLOCK: Local residents express dismay at 'loss of sunsets'

Thursday 16th July 2020

RESIDENTS have reacted with dismay at proposals to build a 15 storey tower block which they claim will block out their sunsets.

The plan for 181 apartments and office space in Mote Road, Maidstone, is part of Maidstone Borough Council-promoted "opportunity sites" in the town centre which includes Len House.

There are now calls to resurrect the "Think Before You Build" residents' campaign which helped to see off a plan to build massive tower block which would have meant removing and relocating the war memorial to make way for cars.

On Facebook, Jill Home, whose home is opposite the site near the entrance to the Romney Place Sainsbury's, said the scheme is "absolutely absurd".

She wrote: "I won't see any more sunsets and will only get the sunlight on my balcony between 1-3pm. Everybody living in there will be able to see straight into my flat and vice versa.

"I will definitely be camapigning against this and resurrecting the 'Think Before You Build' campaign. I can't tell how completely stressed out I am about this.

Matthew J Scott said: "Flats, flats, flats. I understand housing needs to be built - having said that, sticking another high rise in the centre of town isn’t the solution. 

"I know at the moment due to Covid-19, the roads are relatively quiet but in normal times driving across the town is horrific. And all those flats with that little parking? I’m sorry but this is stupidity on another level."

Another resident, who asked not to be named, said: "We see little of the sun and the sunset is one thing we look forward to particularly in the summer months."

Also on Facebook, Martin Smith said: "I hope these Liberal Democrats realise that they will not be electable in Maidstone for several generations, they are disgraceful."

Angie Holland said: "Another London style tower block to house London tenants."


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