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MPs join Tory candidates in call for Leeds-Langley relief road

Thursday 29th March 2018

CONSERVATIVE MPs Helen Whately and Helen Grant have renewed their backing for a Leeds-Langley relief road to ease the worsening traffic situation on Maidstone's roads.

They joined Tory candidates for May 3's election to Maidstone Borough Council.

In a statement they said: "It’s putting people off living and working here and it adds to the terrible air quality in traffic black-spots, which we know is so serious it’s life-shortening.

"Maidstone Borough Council has granted planning permission for thousands of homes but failed to plan the infrastructure needed. Thousands more homes and thousands more cars but no more roads!

"We support encouraging bus use but we know that most families have at least one car and often two, so failing to plan for that is inevitably going to lead to more traffic, more congestion and more pollution. This vicious cycle has to end."

Maidstone south candidate Paul Wooding says, “Some of the councillors who currently make the important large infrastructure decisions of the future may not be around, realistically, to see those projects bear fruit due to the time it takes for decisions, consultations, legalities and construction time."