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Maidstone cat killer has struck 100 times and the toll is set to rise

Monday 15th August 2016

The sadistic cat killer at large in the south east may have struck 100 times, it emerged today.

Protect Cats UK said that 28 instances have the same characteristics while another 70 are still pending investigation results.

With deaths reported all the time, that toll is only set to rise and rise - unless the killers is stopped.

The killer has been at large for at least two years, perhaps longer, says the group - and cats may not be his or her only prey.

Having gained the name "Croydon car killer" as the deaths seemed to be in that area of south London, primarily, there have been multiple examples out of London including in Maidstone and Sittingbourne in Kent.
The Metropolitan Police is now running the investigation, named Operation Takahe with the RSPCA and respected SNARL (South Norwood Animal Rescue & Liberty).
According to SNARL, so far there have been 28 forensically confirmed victims and around 70 more are under investigation since February 2016 alone. SNARL have also been collating historic cases as more pet owners come forward and believe the death toll to be far higher.  
Protect Cats UK say: "Post-mortem results carried out on 28 of the victims point to this being the work of one killer.

"Post-mortems are still to be carried out to confirm if more recent victims in Manchester, Brighton, St Albans, Birmingham, Maidstone and Northamptonshire are also linked to this one perpetrator.
"Most victims have either had their head or tail removed with a sharp bladed impliment, in some cases both. Some victims have also had other limbs and internal organs removed or have been cut in half."

If you find a body which is decapitated/ has the tail/ paws removed or body parts (heads, legs, paws or tails), please call us on 07961 030064 or 07957 830490 immediately. Please stay with the body/ parts if you can and prevent any council or waste services from touching or removing it and anyone from photographing it. Our phones are by nature busy so if you can’t get through on one number, try the other.