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Malling School pupils warned after classmate hit by car

Thursday 12th October 2017

Pupils at Malling School have been reminded about the importance of wearing cycle helmets after one of their classmates was injured in an accident close to the school this morning.

The Year 9 pupil was taken to hospital following the incident as he crossed New Road on his way to lessons.

His injuries are not life threatening, but headteacher Carl Roberts (pictured) said it could have been a different story had the pupil not been wearing protective headgear.

“The paramedics and police suggested that the cycle helmet prevented quite serious injuries,” Mr Roberts said. “So he was really saved by the fact he was wearing a cycle helmet.

“We’ve already this morning spoken to all pupils about road safety and about the importance of wearing a cycle helmet, we’ve also given all pupils emotional support because a number of them saw it and were very worried.

“I’ve also contacted parents just to fill them in with the nature of it all and just to remind them for the second or third time to make sure their children wear helmets when they are cycling to school.”

The incident happened close to the school, which is accessed via Beech Road, and Mr Roberts admits the speed at which drivers travel down New Road is a concern.

“It’s a busy main road, it’s a 40mph limit but cars do travel faster than that, so it does concern me. I don’t necessarily think patrols would make a difference, but I think perhaps we need more signs to say that a school is close by.”