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More volunteers step up to police our streets in Maidstone

Wednesday 11th July 2018

THESE recruits are the latest volunteer officers to take to the streets of Maidstone as part of a pilot by Kent Police.

The new Community Policing Volunteers (CPVs) will offer help and advice to residents on issues including anti-social behaviour as part of a drive to improve community safety and support for vulnerable people.

They will work alongside Police Community Support Officers (PCSOs) and have similar powers.

The uniformed volunteers, who will spend at least 16 hours on duty a month, join a growing band of volunteers on the beat.

Kent’s Police and Crime Commissioner Matthew Scott said: “Residents have previously told me they would like to see volunteers similar to PCSOs boosting visibility in their neighbourhoods. I’m pleased the community policing volunteers scheme is up and running and I look forward to hearing how it develops.”

Kent Police aims to expand this volunteering opportunity later this year.

Citizens-in-Policing Chief Inspector Jason Wenlock said: “We are very excited to welcome our first community policing volunteers. We already know from the nationally recognised work our award-winning Special Constabulary does - in supporting regular police officers - that in Kent Police, volunteer does not mean amateur.”

Volunteers also include officers from the Special Constabulary, the volunteer police cadets, Kent Search And Rescue, Neighbourhood Watch and South East 4x4 Response.


Pictured: The CPVS flanked by Citizens in Policing Inspector Jody Gagan-Cook (left) and Specials co-ordinator PC Sarah Prudhomme