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NATURE: Take part in the RSPB Big Garden Birdwatch

Friday 4th January 2019

THE annual Big Garden Birdwatch by wildlife conservation charity RSPB will be taking place at the end of January.


The survey carried out by members of the public across Kent and the UK helps the charity establish which species are thriving and which are barely surviving.
In 2019, the birdwatch takes place from January 26-28.
All participants have to do is spend an hour or two in total noting down the number of birds they see in their garden or in the local park. 
The RSPB is also looking to compile data on common and not so common wildlife we sometimes come into contact with, such as badgers, squirrels and snakes.
A spokesman said: “We’re going to continue including this part of the survey each year now, to help us see the trends in our other wildlife in the same way that we’ve been able to with birds.

“The more people involved, the more we can learn, so please encourage your family, friends and neighbours to take part.
“It’s not just birds facing tough times... it's our badgers, snakes and other animals too. So to help us get a more complete picture of the state of our wildlife, in 2014 we started to ask you to tell us about some of the other animals in your gardens, such hedgehogs.”
The Big Garden Birdwatch has been running for more than 40 years and regularly gets half a million participants.
It helps to spot population trends and to identify remedies.
The RSPB added: “While some changes in bird numbers can seem scary – we’ve lost more than half our house sparrows and some three-quarters of our starlings – it isn’t all doom and gloom.
“Since Birdwatch began, blue tit numbers have risen by 20 per cent and the wood pigeon population has increased by a whopping 800 per cent. Your results help us spot problems, but more importantly, they are also the first step in putting things right. This is why it’s so important that we count garden birds.”
Read more or register at and follow the links to the Big Garden Birdwatch.