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PCSO MURDER: Women in Kent told to stay vigilant amid fears of random attacker

Friday 30th April 2021

WOMEN in Kent have been told to remain vigilant after the "mystery" murder of PCSO Julia James.

Mrs James, 53, was killed on Tuesday afternoon while out walking her dog near Snowdown in what appears to be a random, motiveless attack.

She died of "bodily force" to the head and it is not known if there was a sexual motive, according to a well-placed police source.

Kent Police have no clues yet as to her assailant but detectives are working on various lines of inquiry.

No weapon has been located, we understand.

Deputy chief constable Tim Smith said: "We have launched a murder investigation and have hundreds of officers working to establish what happened, who did this and why.

"We cannot rule out this was a stranger attack. It is very important we are honest with the public. We have asked people to stay vigilant and that advice still stands.”