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POLITICS: Green Party and Lib Dems in row over election leaflet colour

Friday 23rd April 2021

THE Green Party has attacked a polticial rival over its attempts to "steal" its colours.
Its activitists have accused the Liberal Democrats in a key ward in the centre of Maidstone of trying to cash in on environmental concerns ahead olf the local elections on May 6.
The Greens' website tells readers: "We have been told by our supporters in Bridge Ward that the Liberal Democrats have been circulating a leaflet claiming to have be “the effective Green choice”. Its clear that they can see how popular our policies are with local people, so much so they’ve turned their latest leaflet green!"
The headline across a photo of the leaflet reads: "Fib Dem Lies!" The Greens then set about attempting to debunk Lib Dem claims made in the tract.
Lib Dem candidate Chris Passmore said: "The Green Party does not have a monopoly on the word 'green'. I'd argue it's pretty clear it says it is a Lib Dem leaflet on the front."
Conservative candidate in Bridge ward Tom Cannon said: "They can squabble amongst themselves if they want. Our Conservative ward member in the past three years has stopped this council backing plans for building high rise flats on the war memorial, prevented the extension of a bail hostel and stopped the council shutting the Hazlitt Theatre."