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Police dispersal order for Tovil amid reports of intimidation of local residents

Thursday 18th August 2016

Police have introduced a dispersal order for tovil amid reports of noisy, intimidating and antisocial behaviour by large groups of people.

It was put in place yesterday morning at 6am following complaints of nuisance behaviour in the Coombe Road and Brenchley Road area.

This behaviour includes excess noise being made by large groups of people which has caused intimidation to local residents.

It will remain in force until 6am on Friday August 19.

A Kent Police statement said: "While the order is running any person over 10 years of age can be directed to leave the locality and not return for a stated period of time if an officer or PCSO has reasonable grounds to suspect that behaviour has contributed, or is likely to contribute, to the public being harassed, alarmed or distressed.

"It is an offence to fail to leave when directed, without a reasonable excuse."

Sergeant Nick Hatcher, from Kent Police’s Maidstone Community Safety Unit, said: ‘This dispersal order has been created in response to reports we have received from residents and partner agencies.

‘Anti-social behaviour is, at its lowest level, a nuisance to people in the surrounding area however it can also cause people to feel threatened. That is something we cannot allow.

‘Once this order has ended we will continue to work with partner agencies to reduce future incidents. If necessary, we will not hesitate to issue a similar order in the future.’

Kent Police is working with housing provider Golding Homes to tackle antisocial behaviour in this locality.

Steve Timms, a community safety adviser at Golding Homes said: ‘We are working in partnership with Kent Police to deal with incidents of nuisance behaviour in Tovil.

‘We believe that our residents should be able to enjoy living in their properties without feeling harassed or threatened and take allegations of anti-social behaviour very seriously, which in some incidences has led to enforcement action, if evidence has supported it.’