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Pre-school forced to move out of village to Hollingbourne

Wednesday 24th April 2019

HARRIETSHAM Pre-School will be operating from Hollingbourne from September.


The pre-school which has been based at Harrietsham county primary for more than 10 years, learned it would have to find a new home in February. The school, which is to double in size, needs to use the classroom used by the pre-school's 50 children and seven staff.

After an extensive search for a new home, including talks with churches, Harrietsham Scout Association and the village hall committee, the decision was taken to move out of the area to Hollingbourne.

Mrs Susan Snoad, Harrietsham Pre-School Manager, said: “We were looking at the prospect of closure. As a charity, finding somewhere big enough with an affordable rent has been hard. However, the hall committee at Hollingbourne has been very welcoming.”

Meanwhile, talks are being held with a business woman in Harrietsham who hopes to build a children’s hub in the community, which could accommodate the pre-school.

Mrs Snoad said: “We have visited Hollingbourne pre-school to assure them we are not moving in but are here while we make arrangements to move back to Harrietsham.” She added: “We have had a good relationship with Harrietsham school and being on site made the transition very smooth for children going on to primary school. At Hollingbourne, parents and children will face longer travel times and we may have to amend our opening times.”